When you’re in your final limit…

21 Okt

Huuhh… kerjaan ku makin ancur-ancuran…. customer yg makin aneh, lingkungan kerja yg capek deh… Hmmm…the sort story I feel like in hell, prison , stuck etc.

So..this question came out…

Should I resign or not.

I did work with procedur but sometimes we had “these bad client”

My work is about ketelitian, If you don’t do that you mas pay for it. Pay this is mean real pay you must pay with your money. Even is it not your fault you still have to pay.

Yesterday I got this “dangerous” client I’ve been repeat his reservation over and over. And still itu client rupanya gak nyimak apa yg aq sampein. Memang pada akhirnya itu orang yg bayar biaya penggantian reservasinya. Tapi ini udah sering terjadi, cuma beda kasus, beda orang dan beda costnya.

Yang bikin aq eneg ini pekerjaan udah bener-bener kelewatan. I’m not feel enjoy anymore.

I asked my mom…(she’s a workaholic)

She said no at first, but after I’m telling her how is it feels like. Finally she said yes.

After I’m outta here. I will start follow my happiness. Is time to make your own world. If is not make you feel good. Back off.Just let it go…There’s alot of “perfect” job in the world. There’s a thousand opportunity. Peace out..

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