He’s not just that into you…

25 Apr

How it feels like..when you’re falling in love with someone..feel that he’s “the one”..But in the end you find out that he’s not just that into you???

It could be he’s cheating…or just you already feel that it ain’t the same anymore….and finally you just can’t do this anymore…pretend to be happy, pretend that everything is okay…even you can’t see your face in the mirror without feeling guilty about it…

You tought that you have to fight for your love…change all the things for him…anything you do to make him still beside you…

And for they who’s not just that into with someone..why just you can tell it??? Is it like a game for you huh??? Make someone feel high..and suddenly just walk away from they life without say anything…????

Or…maybe you’ll be like me…know that he’s not just that into you…but you just can’t let him go…not again…waiting..until he dumped you…because you can’t do that again..even you just can’t spell that word in front of him….

I know the day will coming..when you stop playing..when you want a real love…when you want the person who can die for you…when there’s only you and matter what…because he’s so into you…

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