I’M SO DEAD… -_____-

07 Okt

Okay so..I’m just doing my stalking activity like always…means checking my bf wannabe…which is I know he’s not worthy at all..and even though that’s not making me stop stalking him…yeaa I know..shame on me…


And I found that a girl seems like attracting to him….and they both look totally “alay” hahahah I didn’t find the perfect word for “alay” ….But its ruined my night…hmm…I think he always ruining my life whether he’s wrong or right….I just hate him…


And the most making me piss this night off is….MY PHONE’S KEYPAD STILL DOESN’T WORK!!!!

I can’t do anything….!!!! I don’t know how tomorrow is gonna be…????


My mom… have 3 , she use 2 of that…but she left the last one in her office…”nice”…


My dad…have 2 , but I don’t know if he’ll borrowed me his…”right”


Am I so dead ??!!! Yeah I’m so dead….

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