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Seriously’s not cute. At all..

Try to make your partner over is not cool. Especially what you’re complaining is invalid.

I know one girl , one day she puts on eyes contact because her boyfriend ask her so.  And I was like..WTF. I don’t like if somebody don’t have some kind of real issues about their self and trying to change the way they are. I admit, sometimes I do it too. But I do it for me not because someone told me so.

Let me tell you..when she wearing it , you can see it’s really doesn’t fit her eyes. It actually make her eyes looks awful, the redness. ..

Look girl your eyes is normal there’s nothing for you to complaining about it. 

I f it was me, I wouldn’t change even an inch of my self . If you can’t accept the way I am …GTFO.

But doesn’t mean I’m not open with change. If he can tell me in nice way and he’s not the only person who complain about it , maybe I will consider it.

Set your standard and when you get it, accept them the way they are. Not accept them then CHANGE them to be something that you want.

I don’t know, for me it’s like you’re fucking with yourself.  And it’s gross.

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Please tell your boyfriend to… STOP TEXTING ME!!!

Alrite let’s do this..


For me it’s like time to learn to be more patience even more. There’re so many shit going on in my life and I realize it’s because the way I think in the past. So I regret nothing, and this time maybe hard but I believe I will get through it.  


My goal is to less my fuckin’ bullshit . Like… I don’t really want to spend too many effort on something that doesn’t really important to me. I really try to DO NOT GIVE A FUCK to  anybody else.  I don’t want to getting attached or involved with somebody who doesn’t appreciate me and too fuckin confusing with their self.  That was happen to me in last year. And for God’s sake I try my best to not doing that again in this year. let’s move on.

I want to talk about guy who already in relationship but still talk to somebody else . 

This is the story..

I know one guy, we already not talking for like six months, I know it’s because he got a girlfriend. Meanwhile, I moving on with my life right..I never ever try to reach him ever again.

Until that day come, when he texting me…

I really don’t fucking care, well..I do always answer whenever he texts. I don’t know I can’t just ignore him like that. And it’s become more annoying as fuck when it’s happen for a year. I don’t even want to know anymore if he still with his girlfriend or not.

Actually , I think he has some list of girl who can he flirt to. And if I’m on his list. I really hope he deleted me.

I mean..c’mon what the fuck is this??!!! What are you doing?? Why can you moving on with your life and just fuckin’ leave me. It will be easier.

Okay..that’s the rant for today.

See you guys soon…  🙂

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