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People do talking shit about each other. I know that. So do I. But I hate it when people try to act innocent . Like this one  dumbass bitch came up to me and told me that another bitch talked shit about me. If she thinks that I’m gonna hate that  bitch, she’s wrong…cause I already hate that bitch a long time ago .  And the information that she just gave it to me only aware me that this bitch who right now talking shit about the others already talking shit about me also in front of others. Guarantee !

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What The Fuck It Is??!!!

Do you ever feel try to get over somebody but the universe still not corporate with you yet???

I do..and it’s so damn annoying.

For example…

First , when I was home.. I smelled something familiar..something that I knew and it went straight to my brain and I felt my heart  squeezed . It was HIS SMELL, it was HIS PERFUME’S SMELL!!!! Damn it!!! Who wearing this perfume ?? Then..I find out that it was my mom perfume. Shit. Ok now its feel like me and him living in the same house.

Second, when I was on the road accidentally I saw an advertising board  with…HIS FUCKIN NAME ON IT..I was like WHAT THE FUCK IT IS??!!!

Third, I saw him on the street…and thanks the LORD he didn’t see me. That day he looks like a crap .LOL.

Fourth , this one is like battle between what my brain want and my heart want.  What my brain want is get fucking over him right?? But my heart still want to hang on. And last night I was dreaming about me and him. In that fucking dream we do thing that we’ve been planning  a long time ago . And I can’t even lied about it that I was enjoying, satisfied…It’s not long because my brain waking me up..and then I woke up..and felt so damn confuse. I can’t go back to sleep. I think I never dream about him like this before. Never so bold like this and it’s like so fucking real.

I don’t know what the fuck is  going on with him till I dream about him like this.  I don’t wanna know. But I wish everything is alrite.

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